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What iPad should I buy?
What iPad should I buy?

Learn what iPad would be best for mobile design modifications and which tools are helpful when modifying on iPads.

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
Updated over a week ago

Click this link to see a list of iPads that can be used with the Structure scanner.

We've learned that the newest iPad isn't always the best iPad for one reason:

  • When an iPad changes shape, a new bracket must be designed. This has caused a delay in the bracket availability for the past couple of iPads.

Pro Tip: Check bracket availability here and use this as a guide when ordering an iPad

Memory is the key factor in performance when modifying on the iPad. Here is a link to iPad RAM list. following chart for details. We suggest devices with at least 4GB memory (RAM).

Note: for scanning a smaller screen may be easier to to maneuver when scanning.  iPad mini can be used for scanning, however keep in mind the processing power and memory are factors when modifying.

Tools for modifying on iPad:

Before purchasing an stylus, be sure that your iPad is compatible. The Apple Pencil is helpful when modifying on an iPad Pro, but not compatible with some iPads.

The Meko stylus (or similar) with flat disc is helpful for using the manual tools in Design Studio.

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