Steps to Set Up Design Studio

Account, Equipment, Apps necessary to get started

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Directions on setting up Design Studio:

  1. Equipment Set up

    1. iPad

    2. Structure Scanner

    3. Bracket

  2. Apps

    1. Structure

    2. Structure Calibrator

    3. Design Studio Scanner

  3. Start Scanning!

Step 1: Set up Scanner

Necessary Equipment:

· iPad

· Bracket

· Mark I, Mark II OR Pro Structure scanner kit (includes lightning or USB-C cable, and charging cord)

Össur Item Number (includes iPad, Scanner, Bracket): OFC1001


iPad pro is recommended if you choose to modify models on the iPad. If simply using the iPad for scanning, a smaller iPad can make scanning easier. More information in: What iPad should I buy?

Please check the Occipital website to make sure they have brackets to support your iPad.

iPad model number is required to order the correct Bracket (found on back of iPad).


Use small Philips screwdriver and 4 screws to attach Scanner to the bracket.

Important: the short screws are used for the Mark II scanner screws or you may damage the Mark II scanner. Do not use or overtighten the longer screws.

Scanner Options:

Mark I is Model ST01. It comes with everything in the picture below except bracket. Bracket sold separately and based on iPad size.

Mark II is Model ST02A. This will come with everything pictured below except the bracket. Bracket is sized for iPad and will be purchased separately.

Newer iPad Pro has a USB-C cable. See below.

Click here for Scanner accessories

We recommend the Structure scanner, but Design Studio can import scans from other scanners. Please click here to see how that works.

Step 2: Download Apps for iPad

Open the app store and search for Design Studio Scanner:

Design Studio app in the app store

While in the app store, search for Structure and download the Structure sensor calibrator & Structure

Structure calibrator app- used for calibration of Mark I and Mark II scanners.  Used for Depth calibration of the Mark II scanner

Structure app- used to update firmware on Mark II scanner

Structure: can be used to upgrade Mark II firmware

Step 3: Set up account

·To obtain a sign up for Össur Design Studio

  1. Request a sign up form from your Össur Solutions Managers:

Complete the form and send to the [email protected].

  • **After sign-up, be sure to Accept Terms and conditions appearing in the first email you receive**

  • Please allow 72 hours to get accounts set up.

Set up Password

  • You will receive an email to alert you the account is activated.

  • Go to the web based portal: and Click Reset Password.

Follow instructions and use this Log in and Password for both the iPad Design Studio Scanner app and the web-based app.

Design Studio Scanner app:

Step 4: Start Scanning!!

For guidance on using our scanning app, check out this article on taking your first scan.

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