What is error 400 or 404?

This article explains why a Design Studio user might see an error 400 on the screen and the model is missing.

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
Updated over a week ago

Design Studio uses Amazon Web Services for the cloud computing capability. The model disappears and Error 400 comes up when there is an outage in this web service. Typically the service outage is repaired quickly. Occasionally the error will continue for up to 30 minutes.

Error 400 Example:

Error 404 comes up when the post-scan processing is unable to stitch the scan to create a model. This happens with extraneous artifacts in the scan. Sometimes this is the result oif scanning the inside of a socket without a barrier to block any other solid objects outside the socket.

Scanning inside socket without blocking outside artifacts. If this happens, we *might* be able to reclaim the scan for you. We would need the patient ID and the date and time of the scan in order to find the scan.

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