How do I record my screen?

Recording your iPad screen during a scan can sometimes help us troubleshoot a problem with you. Learn to record the iPad screen below.

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
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For most Apple Devices, the control center can be used for easy access to various tools. Sometimes we have calls relate to scanning errors and a resolution is much easier if we can see the screen. Here's how to record your iPad screen.

Swipe down from the top right of the iPad. The swipe must start outside the display on the screen to pull down the control panel.

If you're having trouble getting the control panel to pop up when swiping from top right, go into the iPad settings -> Control panel then look to see if your iPad has a different setting to access the Control panel:

You should see a circle with a dot in middle as show in this video in red.

If the screen record button isn't in your control panel, you can add it by going your iPad Settings --> control panel

To stop recording, just touch the red dot in the top corner or access the control panel again and click the record button to stop.

Your video will be stored in the photos on your iPad. Send that screen recording to the clinical specialist or customer service person at Össur that is helping you.

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