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How do I add new patients & files from other scanners?
How do I add new patients & files from other scanners?

Design Studio has superior post scan processing, but other scanners can be supported. Learn how to upload scans into Design Studio.

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
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Adding a new patient 

You can add new patients within the iPad app or through our web interface. 

To make a new patient through our web interface, select + New Patient on the patient page. 

Adding a locally stored scan 

If you don't use our iPad App for scanning or have locally stored files, upload scans through our web interface.

Open a patient file and select Upload a Scan. 

Upload or drag/drop your file (.OBJ, .STL, .AOP) and select Upload Scan.

After the scan is uploaded, you will be taken to the Clean Scan tool. The uploaded model should be in centimeters. If you've uploaded in millimeters, the model will be 10 times too large. Inside Clean Scan, click Scale and scale by 0.1

Click here to see how to Scale a scan from a different scanner.

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