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How do I Download files to my computer?
How do I Download files to my computer?

Learn how to download to save local copies of your meshes to your computer. You can later re-upload into the Össur Portal or Design Studio

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You can use the Download tool to save a local copy of your file(s) to your computer. You can then upload those files into the Össur Portal for your Össur Leg order. Design Studio and the Portal were developed to maximize a Prosthetist's time so s/he can spend more time with patient care. Click here for more information on how Design Studio can be combined with the Össur Portal.

Click Download at the top of your menu.

Clicking Download will give you a list of all of your meshes, or objects. 

Important Note: If you have multiple meshes or objects in your workspace, make sure you are downloading the correct one. A few helpful tips: 

  • Rename your meshes to minimize confusion. 

  • Use the visibility feature to hide and view meshes or objects. Toggling the visibility on/off will help you identify which mesh or object you want to select. 

When preparing to upload back into Design Studio, we recommend downloading in .obj and .stl (in cm). 

Common Q&A:

What are the differences across file types (STL, OBJ, XYZ, AOP)? 

  • OBJ and STL files have more data and result in a higher resolution quality. We recommend downloading OBJ or STL

    How do I know which file type I need? 

Where does my download go? 

This depends on your browser and where your downloads are stored. Typically, the default location is the Downloads folder.

  • For mac users: Open up the "Finder" icon on the dock and select the "Downloads" tab on the left menu.

  • Your downloads may also be shown on the bottom of your Chrome browser. Click on the arrow button on the right side and select the "Show in Finder" option. This will automatically take you to where your file is located. 

  • For PC users: Select the Start icon on the lower left corner of the Taskbar. Type in "Downloads" in the search bar and this will automatically locate the Downloads folder. 

  • You may also be able to access the files by clicking on the File Explorer icon (folder) in the Taskbar. 

  • In some cases, you may be presented with a pop-up dialog box that asks you to either "Save the file" or "Run the file". If you select the save option, you can choose where you want the file to be stored. 

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