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Fabrication with Össur Legs
How to combine Design Studio and Össur Portal Orders.
How to combine Design Studio and Össur Portal Orders.

Össur Design Studio and the Össur Portal are now partially linked thorough the Portal order form inside Design Studio.

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Please be aware that not all accounts are set up for Össur Leg orders with Sockets. To find out if your office is set up, OR to request that your company be set up to order Össur Leg orders with Sockets, please reach out to our Business to Business support team: [email protected] or Customer Service [email protected] for training.

The video below shows how customer service is able to put a Design Studio order with a Össur Leg or Socket only order through the portal.

Key points:

  • Use Ossur Portal Order in Design Studio ONLY when adding to a Portal order

  • Use the same patient ID for the Portal and Design Studio form

The Portal allows the user to easily assemble all the necessary components for a prosthesis into a single order. Sockets designed in Design Studio can be linked to Portal orders by following the instructions above.

Alternate Method:

Download the model and upload into the portal

Download from iPad and upload to Portal:

Upload and complete leg order through a computer:

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