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Basic Transtibial (TT) Modifications - Manual tools

Learn how to perform a few of the modifications for a typical TT (BK) design

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
Updated over a week ago

This definitely isn't an exhaustive demonstration, but it should give you an idea of what a few modifications are before you dive into the feature-specific videos!

After a scan is taken, the first step is clean scan. Visit this link for instruction around Clean Scan.

Step 1 from the Clean Scan - click: Create New Design

Step 2: select the boney prominences

  • Tool used: Select Region

Step 3 is to calibrate the model to hand measurements, then reduce by percentage.

Resize model to hand measurements (Calibrating the model) explained below:

Tools used in step 3:

  • Reduce

    • Use the desired circumference to enter the hand measurements

      • on a computer click the tab button twice or on an iPad, select the next desired circumference

      • Toggle OFF: both Protect, and Taper

      • Click Reduce to scale the model to hand measurements

    • Use the dropdown menu to select desired global reduction

      • Toggle ON: Protect region

      • Click Reduce to globally reduce the model

Step 4: Apply PTB if desired

Tools in Step 4:

  • Select Region

  • Modify Region

Step 5: Blend

Tools for step 5:


Use Single Mesh Operations by clicking blue bar on top right

  • Toggle off markings

  • Alter model color for alternate shine on model to better visualize imperfections

Step 6: Apply Trimlines and Order

Tools used in Step 6:

  • Select Region

    • Circumferential

    • Symmetrical

    • Deselect

  • Modify Region

    • Rigid

      • A rigid modification tells the Ossur Technical staff where to trim the socket

Step 7: Place order for Fabrication

Start order in Design Studio:

Finish order on Order form:

Fax to: (800)788-9878

If approved to order through the portal, follow this process to order:

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