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How do I use the Blend tool?
How do I use the Blend tool?

An overview of how to use the blend tool

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
Updated over a week ago

You might of noticed a slight texture to your scans after it has been processed. The Blend tool is a handy feature that allows you to blend out any rough edges. Effective use of this tool allows for the most accurate measurements. 

One way to use the Blend tool is as a paint brush. Adjust the size and strength of the cursor by moving the sliders or the drop-down menu. Drag your cursor around the area that you want to blend. 

If you want to blend the entire scan at the same time, a useful feature within the Blend tool is the Blend All feature. Use the strength slider or drop-down menu to determine how much you want to blend. We recommend a strength of 10. This ensures the integrity of the scan and accurate measurements. 

What's "Protect Selected Region"? 

This feature allows you to blend everything except for a region that is selected. Use the Select Region tool and highlight a region of your choice. Then, before selecting Blend All, toggle on the Protect Selected Region feature. 

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