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How to fix WebGL problems on Chrome
How to fix WebGL problems on Chrome

Having trouble with WebGL? Here's a fix!

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
Updated over a week ago

Fix #1

  1. Navigate to chrome://settings in the address bar and click on "Advanced" down at the bottom of the page. 

  2. Scrolling down, you will see an option “use hardware acceleration when available”. Ensure that it is checked. If it is already checked, just uncheck this option and relaunch chrome.

Fix #2

  1. Go to chrome://flags. Down the list, you'll see the option "Disable WebGL.

  2. Ensure that Disable WebGL is not activated (you'll need to relaunch Chrome for any changes to take effect).

  3. In newer versions of Chrome, this option of Disable WebGL will not be available, you will instead have to search for WebGL 2.0 (or some different version) that looks like this:

  4. Here you will have to change Default to Enabled in the drop down.

Then, inspect the status of WebGL:

  1. Navigate to Chrome://GPU

  2. Here under the Problems Detected heading, Check for any unusual red warnings, as I have shown in the picture below:

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