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How do I use the Bend/Move feature?
How do I use the Bend/Move feature?

Use Bend/Move to help with your orthotic design

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
Updated over a week ago

Check out these videos, or the help text below.

Select the Bend/Move tool. Choose one of the options to start your modification. Bend is best for rotating a joint vs. Move, a tool that is a shift or a stretch. Bend or Move an End to move the end of a joint. Use the Section option to limit the modification to a specific section. Try testing these out to get a better feel for the differences!

After selecting a tool, you will enter an interactive workspace. You can iterate on your modifications without using the undo button. 

First, click to set your parameters (two points for bend, three for move). You can always adjust your points by clicking and dragging the red cube. 

Once your points are placed, check the grey lines, or panes, to confirm your region. If you are using the End feature, you can use the Boundary Plane Orientation setting to toggle the planes to the correct position. 

Tip: For Bend/Move End, rotate around the model to get a better idea of the plane placement. 

Once you've set your boundaries, or parameters, start to modify! You can type in degrees or distance, use the carrots, or drag the icon on the screen to make your modifications. 

You can continue to adjust the rotations and the planes. If you want return to your original starting point, click Cancel. If you are satisfied with your mods you can click  Done.

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