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Scanning Troubleshoot
Scanning Troubleshoot

There are many reasons why you run into problems using the Structure Sensor while scanning. See below for some common errors and solutions.

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Are you charged?

First thinks first. Make sure your Structure Scanner is charged.

Are you up to date?

The simplest solution is to make sure you are on the latest version of iOS and the Össur Design Studio Scanner App.

The Sensor itself also performs updates on it's firmware. Make sure you are up to date by clicking here.

Are you Calibrated?

Sometimes a simple calibration is all you need to resolve problems. Recalibrate your Sensor by using the Calibrator app.

If using a Mark II or later, you should also do refinement. Click here and scroll to [Running Stereo Image Refinement] section.

Are you in the right environment?

Sunlit rooms, bright objects, and glossy floors can all contribute to you losing tracking when scanning objects. Click here for some tips and some settings you can try.

Is your scanning box large enough?

If your final scan has a very clear line where it did not capture, your scanning box wasn't large enough.

You don't need to scan the whole room; but make the box large enough to make sure you get the whole residual limb. Remember, our software will clean it up and remove extra material before uploading to your patient's page.

Are you moving too fast?

Trying to scan too quickly is an easy way to lose tracking. Take your time and move slowly around the limb, pausing when the app prompts you to.

Make sure the patient is sitting relatively high off the ground, like on a barstool, so you can capture the posterior with confidence and not lose sight of the limb.

Remember, even if it takes two minutes, it's a lot faster than traditional casting!

Did you turn it off and turn it back on again?

Your iPad needs a break every once in a while too. Power it down, let it sit for 5 minutes, and turn it back on. Note that you may need to recalibrate after doing this.

Did you try an App reset?

If none of those solutions worked, you can always try deleting the Össur Design Studio Scanner App and reinstalling it from the App Store. This will clear all active memory (not your patients or scans, they are stored on the server) and give you a clean slate for the next scan.

Watch this video for more tips and tricks when scanning!

If you still need assistance, we recommend reaching out to Structure directly for assistance with their hardware.

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