Lengthen Scan Error

Sometimes, Workflow can freeze and give you an error at the Lengthen Scan step (when the model gets extended). Here's how to fix it.

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The [Lengthen Scan] step in Workflow automatically adds material at the proximal edge so you have enough room to add trim lines later in the process.

Sometimes it can freeze up and throw an error if it can't find the 'edge' to extend proximally.

This is usually caused by jagged edges, not having a perpendicular opening, or not having an opening at all.

The best practice is to scan high on the residual limb so you already have enough material to skip this automated step, however due to certain conditions, you can't.

To resolve the issue, it is best to clean up the scan properly in the [Clean Scan] process so you have a clean edge to run Workflow. you can view that article here.

You can also prepare it in the manual design screen by extending the model using the Move End function in the [Bend/Move] tool.

Then, Remesh the model from the [Mesh Tools]

Finally, remove some material proximally using the Delete With Plane function in the [Delete} tool.

If you follow these steps and you still get an error please download the OBJ you are trying to run through workflow and attach to the chat with a request to fix it. We'll be happy to help!

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