How do I duplicate a model?

Sometimes comparing two shapes can be helpful. Comparing two shapes can help determine if Modification A or B is the best option.

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Comparing two shapes before and after a change is an advantage within Design Studio.

On the top right- there is a bar with a model name. Clicking on that bar will open the View Tools.

You can choose to Rename the file

Click Duplicate to make a copy a model and change names of any additional models

Change the color to differentiate between models. We recommend changing the original model to Red. The color red is similar to a stop sign you don't make changes to the original.

Here is an example of two modifications compared to the original (red).

Modification A: Blue model- simple 3% Global reduction

Modification B: Yellow Model- 3% global reduction with boney prominences protected, 4 mm PTB and Posterior shelf

Change the opacity of any of the models to see through the model and compare that shape to the original or to any other model in the workspace.

Duplicate can be used at any point during the process. The result is similar to a fork in the road where you can compare path A to the original or to path B.

**Important: the selected model is indicated with a blue bar next to the model name. In this case: Original is selected

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