A common question is, "How do I merge a scan with a Transfemoral brim template?".

Merging a scan with a template is easy, but you will have to use the manual tools. Check out this link for re-sizing a template in the manual tools. The video below will use some of those same principles.

The first step when loading a template into a scan file is to Download the template.

Once the file is downloaded (as shown above), the user can exit the current file and open the scan. When the scan is open, go to Library -> Upload, then navigate to the downloaded template and open. This will load the template into the scan file.

  1. Orient the template to match the scan using mesh tools -- Flip Left/Right

  2. Match length of template to the patient

    1. Measurements -> Length

    2. Use Reduce P2P -> Proximal/Distal

  3. Apply Circumferences to Template

    1. Measurements -> Circumference -> Autospace 50 mm -> click ischial level

      1. Delete circumference at Ischial level

    2. Reduce

      1. Enter Desired circumferences to match Scan measurements

  4. Align Scan with Template

  5. Delete Distal template (optional)

  6. Delete Proximal edge of brim (optional)

  7. Use Combine tool -> Select scan & Brim -> click Merge (union)

  8. Flatten & blend to smooth the shape

  9. Click save and order

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