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What modifications are stored in different TT Workflows?
What modifications are stored in different TT Workflows?

This article will give a quick overview of the TT Workflows. Each is a starting point that a prosthetist can change and save as desired.

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
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The modifications step is the heart of any Workflow. This step contains specific regions that are placed on the model based on the landmarks. For example the mid patella tendon landmark is associated with a PTB region.

Additionally, each region can be changed in 2 ways. Visit this Article on change regions in a Workflow. Use these as desired. Any of these can be modified to fit the patient or prosthetist's needs. For prosthetists who would like to create their own Workflow template view this article on saving a template.

This is an overview of different Workflow options that can be used as a starting point for TT modifications.

Select TT Modified PTB model:

The Select TT Modified PTB starts with regions placed on the model with slight modifications that indicate buildups over boney prominences or reductions over areas that are more tolerant to weight bearing. The term "Modified PTB" reflects that this Workflow is a combination of the Total Surface Bearing and a Patellar Tendon Bearing socket styles.

Select TT Plus:

The Select TT Plus Workflow has the most regions available of any Workflow template. As a baseline, all these regions are set with 0 mm as the modification.

This Workflow is a baseline that should include any region that a prosthetist might need to adjust. Typically this Workflow would be used by a prosthetist who would like maximum control over the region locations and degree of modifications.

Select TT TSB

Select TT TSB is the Workflow that is designed to incorporate the Total Surface Bearing qualities. In this case, the regions that allow additional reductions or buildups are removed. The only region that can be adjusted is the Posterior shelf.

The final stage of any Workflow template is to Finalize the model before ordering through Össur Legs and the Portal. The finalize stage takes place in the manual tools of Design Studio. In that way, the prosthetist can do any final modification that needs to take place. For manual tool overview click here.

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