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Is there a list of Össur apps for the iPad, iPod or iPhone?
Is there a list of Össur apps for the iPad, iPod or iPhone?

Össur Portal, Össur Logic, Biosim, Design Studio, PRO App and Smart measure. Structure sensor apps found in the Getting Started article

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Before downloading apps on the iPad/iPhone/iPod you'll need to prepare. Without the following, you can not download anything from the App store.

  • Charge the iOS device

  • Find code to unlock the screen

  • Find the Apple ID and Password for the device

  • Connect the device to Wi-Fi


  • Be sure that your IT allows downloads on the iOS device

  • Have the Össur account number handy for Össur Logic

    • This identifies the person as a prosthetist so that the device can be programmed

Next: Download Össur Apps:

Össur Logic

  • Available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod

  • Used for programming Bionics (PROPRIO FOOT, Rheo, and Power Knee)

  • Can be used in Expert or User mode

**IMPORTANT: When downloading this app, the certified prosthetist will need to have the business account number in order to access the control settings. User mode is intended to limit setting adjustments for safety. ONLY program expert settings if you are a certified prosthetist that has been trained in fitting the Bionic device being programmed.

Össur Portal

  • Record Patient Measurements

  • Capture a scan

  • Configure order

    • Components only "Socketless"

    • Socket only

    • Össur Leg (with socket)

      • Liners + Suspension method

      • Liners + Suspension + Foot + Knee

is an app that can be used during patient evaluation to capture measurements of the patient for later use. Design Studio models can be merged with components in the Portal to create an Össur Leg. Similar to Design Studio, the Portal is an app and a cloud based software that can be used anywhere with internet. Ask your local Össur Area Manager to be invited to the Portal or email [email protected] to be connected.

Click on the picture below to be taken to the App store:

Össur Design Studio

  • Create new patient file

  • Scan residual limb

  • Review patient in Design Studio cloud based app

  • Modify model

Össur Design Studio is designed for a prosthetist to scan a limb in a iPad based application, then upload that scan into the the cloud so the model can be modified anywhere on

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