How to update firmware on a structure scanner

This article will show you how to update the firmware on your Structure scanner.

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To check for an firmware upgrade, follow these steps.

Note: a firmware upgrade can take a few minutes. We recommend charging the battery to at least 20% before initiating an update.

Step 1: Open the Structure App

Navigate to this app on the iPad and open the app. If you do not have this app visit the app store and search for Structure. Click Here to navigate to this app in the app store.

Step 2: Click the "i" in the top right corner

In this case the i does not indicate an update is available. By clicking the i, you can check for upgrades as well as view the model number, battery charge, and serial number.

Step 3: If firmware update is available, click update

The structure app will alert you of a firmware update for the Structure scanner with a Red Dot by the i in the top right corner as shown below. Click the i to upgrade firmware

To update- click the Update Firmware button shown below

Click this button to find troubleshooting advice on the Structure Scanner Website:

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