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Why Össur Solutions?

Overview of why we created Össur Legs & the Össur Solutions Pathways. We succeed when our customers grow.

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
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Our goal is for more patients to lead a Life Without Limitations. Össur Solutions is designed to help the practitioner accomplish that goal for more patients.

Why Össur Solutions?

Efficiency and Productivity

AOPA study finds Profit leaders generate 22% more revenue per practitioner. Why is this the case? A practitioner has many tasks in addition to caring for the patient. Fabrication is a large part of a normal day. Profit Leaders are efficient with time- directing more toward patient fittings.


Minnesota Study finds that most amputees do not receive a prosthesis. In some cases patients are deemed ineligible for a prosthesis.

Össur Solution: Design a clinically appropriate solution to be delivered in a timely manner. #LifeWithoutLimitations

Expedited Care

The RAND study on MPK vs NMPK devices measured the Incremental Cost Effectiveness Ratio and found MPK's are cost effective. A subset of that data evaluated a patient's (and family) indirect costs- such as transportation, care, time off work.

Life Without Limitations for some patients, may mean taking less time off work to receive a definitive prosthesis.

Össur Solution: Expedite care with Direct socket TT and TF. #LifeWithoutLimitations

Outcomes and Satisfaction

Outcome measures are part of the O and P Profession. Outcomes, Satisfaction and Costs are important to the payer and patient. Measuring outcomes is another time commitment for the prosthetist. Össur Legs can help restore that time so that the prosthetist can focus on the patient safety, mobility, and comfort.

Össur Solution: Evaluate Satisfaction, Outcomes, Develop Treatment Plan #LifeWithoutLimitations


  1. Competition

  2. Caring for patients in need

  3. Caring for patient's satisfaction & Outcomes

Part of the solution:

  1. Be more effective with time

  2. Combine production costs

  3. Treat more patients

Össur Leg customers grow because they can see more patients.

Patient experience:

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