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What are some hidden tools & settings?
What are some hidden tools & settings?

Learn how to adjust the camera settings, the opacity of a mesh, turn on/off markings, and other aspects of the View folder

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
Updated over a week ago

The View tools give you a bit more control over the way you interact with the interface.

Single Mesh Operations

If you click on the object or mesh name, you can 

  • Rename: minimize confusion by renaming objects if you have multiple layers 

  • Delete: get rid of entire objects - read this article here.

  • Duplicate: create multiple versions of a single object

  • Opacity: lower the opacity of an object to see how two objects overlap - useful when adding a distal component 

  • Color: change the color of the entire scan

  • Show Markings: turning the markings off can be helpful as it can obscure your view when selecting material on your scan

Visibility Feature 

Hide or view an object by clicking on the eye icon, located on the right side of a mesh name. 

When you are doing modifications with multiple mesh layers or objects, be sure to only view the mesh you are modifying and hide everything else. This ensures that you are modifying the correct mesh.

3D Modeler Operations 

Click the gear icon on the bottom right of your screen. 

Hide/view the grid (hotkey: 'g' on keyboard) and measurements (hotkey: 'm' on keyboard). It's helpful to hide them because they can get in the way when doing your mods. 

You can also toggle your units from mm/in and turn on/off the perspective camera which when turned on, shows your scan in a 3d view as opposed to a flat/straight dimension. 

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