Flatten tool

Learn how to flatten regions with the Flatten tool

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
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Another qualitative tool, often used for popliteal flattening.


Use the dials or drop downs to select the Size and Strength of your curser. Paint on your flatten modification. 

Flatten to Average

If you want to flatten to average, first use the Select Region tool to select your region. Then, adjust the strength dial and click Flatten to Average to adjust the whole region. 

Flatten to Plane

Select your region using the Select Region tool, then navigate back to the Flatten tool. Select your direction (Left/Right, Front/Back, Prox/Dist) and click Flatten to Plane. Your region will move to the average of your selection. For example, if your region selection is on the anterior of the limb, flatten to plane will move your selection to the front. 

Flatten Interactive 

Flatten Interactive will open an interactive session. Move the plane 

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