The original sculpt tool is an artistic tool, changing the amount of material the more you motion over a section. Therefore, we recommend using the original sculpt tool for aesthetic/cosmetic features since you are unable to quantify how much material is being added or removed. 

On the other hand, Quantitative Sculpt allows you to define the material addition or removal in advance. Within the Sculpt tool, there is a new option to enter an interactive session.

Select Add or Remove, and adjust the Size of your cursor and select the desired maximum Depth. You can use the blue circle to select your numbers, type in the box, or check out the new drop down menu by clicking on the grey box on the right. Mobile users be sure to check out this new addition!

During the interactive session, adjust your modifications until satisfied, and then click Save Modification.

The depth setting in this quantitative sculpt tool will always use the original model (when you opened the quant sculpt tool) as the baseline. So if you want to "undo" an addition of 5mm, just change the depth to 0mm and draw over the area you want to undo.

Note: You also have the option to use the Blend feature to smooth your transitions within Quantitative Sculpt, or you can return to the Design interface to continue blending. Your regions from this sculpt session will be automatically saved!

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