How do I use the Select Region tool?

Learn how to use the Select Region tool, the foundation for adding and removing material

Written by Össur Design Studio Team
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The Select Region tool informs a lot of the processes in the Design Studio. Modify Region, Stretch, and the Shell tool all utilize the Select Region tool to be informed on what to do. 

Choose the Select Region tool on the left menu. Use your cursor and drag across the scan to select material. For example, you can select the patellar tendon bar region. The cursor shades it a dark gray color- indicating that it is selected. 

There are various features within the Select Region tool. 

  • Select or Deselect: Use the cursor to select a region or deselect a region 

  • Size: Adjust cursor size by moving the slider or using the drop-down menu 

  • Circumferential Selection: Selects circumferentially, all-around the scan- useful for making a shell 

  • Symmetric Selection: Symmetrically selects on both sides of the scan- useful for making trimlines 

  • Select All: Selects the entire scan- useful for ply fit reductions 

  • Deselect All: Deselects the entire scan 

  • Invert: Flips the selected region

  • Save Region: Save your region and re-name your selection- this will appear on the right hand side of the Design Studio, where all the mesh names are located 

When the Modify Region, Stretch, or Shell tool is utilized, selected regions are tracked and automatically saved. These saved regions will appear on the right side of the Design Studio, under "Regions". Right-click on the mesh name to re-name these selections. 

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